Modern Roof of Sullivan

Modern Roof prides itself in being different, in being better, in being easier.  

Modern Roof teamed up with Malarkey Roofing ( who has led the development of polymer modified rubber shingles. They're made with recycled tires and plastic bags.  We think they are the best shingle on the market because they stay pliable and not dry out and crack like other asphalt shingles.   

They are either Class 3 or Class 4 depending on the series, which is based on an impact test...think "hail resistant".  Plus they all have a wind warranty.  

Malarkey shingles retain their granules better than most other asphalt shingles.  Granules are meant to stay on the shingle, not in your gutter. 

It gets better.  They have a larger nailing strip so it's more likely to get all the nails where they're supposed to be.  

They have copper granules in the shingle that prevent those black streaks you see on so many roofs caused by algae on the roof.   They even have 3M Smog reducing granules in the shingle.  

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    Insurance Claims

    Have you just had an insurance claim?   Get upgraded shingles to replace your 3-tab or laminated architectural shingles on your home ... a true upgrade for free.  

    We offer the Malarkey Highlander shingle as our entry-level shingle.  We also use it for insurance claims replacing much lower quality shingles, but at the same price.  It was just upgraded to Class 3, meaning it is hail resistant. It also has a 110 mph wind warranty. Modern Roof of Sullivan will upgrade your roof at no extra cost to the insurance claim amount.

    If you want the Ultimate Roof, you can simply upgrade at the time of your insurance claim and just pay the difference -- it's a great way to upgrade to the Ultimate Roof for just a few thousand dollars.
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    Best Roof Shingle

    The Ultimate Roof

    Our Ultimate Roof System features Malarkey's Legacy shingles and high profile hip and ridge shingles.  This roof system is an awesome roof that will set your home apart.  It's a statement roof.  But it will also outlast most any other asphalt shingle on the market.  

    Malarkey has a 50 year warranty with 20 years non-prorated on this series.  Since we are an Emerald Pro Contractor with Malarkey, one of only a few in the state, we can also offer an upgraded non-prorated 50 year manufacturer's warranty.   But beyond the warranty, the shingle is just build better, thicker and heavier.  It's made with recycled tires and plastic grocery bags that keep it pliable.  

    Bottomline, this is the most durable hail and wind resistant shingle on the market.  

    Metal Roofs

    Metal Roof
    Get a Standing Seam Metal Roof from Modern Roof to last the rest of your lifetime.  We feature a 29 ga snap-lock standing seam metal roof for the best performance and appearance.  We also have a 29 ga exposed fastener metal roof for a more affordable option.  Contact us today to get your metal roof and upgrade your home.